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Wise financial decisions today so you can

thrive long after the divorce is final.


Though they may be scary, the decisions you make during the
process are the most important steps you can take for 
achieving a new vision of your future life.

At MoneyWise Divorce, we take a whole-life approach to divorce:  providing tools, advice and guidance to help individuals become better prepared for the legal and financial process of divorce.  Our focus is on helping clients make smart decisions during the divorce so they will be better equipped mentally, emotionally, and financially to move forward and thrive long after the divorce is final.

A Whole-Life Approach to Divorce

Navigating the Emotional Transition

Fair Evaluation of Financial Assets

Effective Co-Parenting Guidance

Careful Consideration of Property Division


Dr. Brenda Dozier has been my number one choice for the referral of my most challenging couples and families. 

- Peggy Thorton, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Divorce hurts children. Divorce is ranked number two on the most significant life events chart. For children, teens, and college-age children, only the death of a parent is rated as more traumatizing. The degree of the pain, however, is related to the conflict between the parents. For The Children's Sake will explain how children at all stages and ages deal with divorce. You will hear testimonies from children who have sat in Dr. Dozier's therapy office and those words of wisdom will help motivate you to parent together after the marriage ends.Down-to-earth suggestions will help you determine when to seek professional help for you and/or your children.

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If you find yourself facing divorce, please reach out to receive the support you need.  I am committed to helping you each step of the way. 

If you are an attorney seeking the most fair and equitable settlement for your client, I am committed to being a dedicated advisor to ensure all financial data is included with the settlement proposal.

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