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Brenda Dozier, Ph.D., CDFA, ChFC

Welcome to MoneyWise Divorce. I am Brenda Dozier, Ph.D., a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, trained therapist, divorce coach, and author specializing in helping individuals navigate the complex emotional and financial realms of divorce.

Divorce can be a traumatic experience.  Emotions are heightened as each person cycles through the psychological impact – blame, anger, grief, depression, relief.  It can be difficult to make financial decisions through the lens of these emotions.

I understand that each person is unique in the way he/she copes.  It can be hard for someone to come to the conclusion that they have to sell their home, won’t be able to see their children every day or completely shift their lifestyle. This is why I work with my clients to help them create a vision for their new life – a post-divorce life where they are able to move forward with financial security.

I have walked the path of divorce and know first-hand the raw emotions involved; I also know that one must be able to grieve before making legal and financial decisions.  I am passionate about providing a warm, caring, and safe place for individuals going through divorce so they can have a sense of control, freely express emotions, and be fully supported through the entire process.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I work in partnership with the divorce attorney to ensure all financial assets are included in the process and that the divorcing individual will be able to meet their budgetary needs long after the divorce is final.


For The Children's Sake, by Brenda Dozier


Parenting Together after the Marriage Ends

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On a personal note, when I am not working to help my clients reach the optimal divorce settlement, you can find me walking, jogging or hiking (much of the time with my Parti Standard Poodle, Chantilly Lace and my Saint Berdoodle Sugar Magnolia). I love playing tennis with USTA and ALTA, where I am the Co-Captain of my team. 



If you find yourself facing divorce, please reach out to receive the support you need.  I am committed to helping you each step of the way. 

If you are an attorney seeking the most fair and equitable settlement for your client, I am committed to being a dedicated advisor to ensure all financial data is included with the settlement proposal.

Lori Hinkle, FPQP
Business Development Director

Thank you for visiting MoneyWise Divorce and trusting us during this difficult process. I am Lori Hinkle and I'm responsible for all marketing, new business, and operations. 

I joined the MWD team in 2017 after 12 years in the broadcast journalism industry. I moved to Atlanta from Nashville, where I was awarded an Emmy for producing and planning a special documentary. I was also nominated an additional three times for the prestigious Emmy Award.

Part of my role is helping clients complete budgets for post-divorce life, charting assets, determining priorities, and gathering financial data for Dr. Dozier to analyze. 

I take pride in giving back to the Atlanta community by serving on the Marketing Council and Public Relations Committee for the Junior League of Atlanta.

In my spare time I am either playing tennis, meal-prepping, reading, hiking, or doing crossfit. 



Divorce is stressful and those who are experiencing it will experience a roller coaster range of emotions: anger, fear, guilt, sadness, confusion.  At MoneyWise Divorce, we believe that divorce is not just a legal process; it also involves emotional, financial and family considerations.  There are many decisions to be made during the divorce as you consider having to start over, what happens to the house, how will we co-parent our children, what will my financial future look like, and so on.  This is why we take a whole-life perspective on divorce.  Not only will you receive compassion and emotional support, but you can approach the divorce settlement with confidence knowing you will be treated fairly and equitably regarding your rights to the marital assets (real estate, stock, financial accounts, frequent flier miles, etc).

Schedule a confidential consultation  or contact us at (770) 790-5024.

A Whole-Life Approach to Divorce

Navigating the Emotional Transition

Fair Evaluation of Financial Assets

Effective Co-Parenting Guidance

Careful Consideration of Property Division

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