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Why CDFA? The Top Three...

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

if You're Considering Divorce

  1. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is a financial professional with specialized training who will be Yourpersonal advocate before, during, and after the divorce, providing objective advice and support and allowing your attorney to focus on the legal issues at hand.

2. A CDFA saves you time and money. CDFA's are frequently trained mediators with a goal of reaching a fair and amicable settlement and reducing the length of the divorce process. Their fees are often much lower than that of your attorney and they bring to the table financial knowledge that is essential for an equitable result.

3. A CDFA will help you plan for the future. What are your finances going to look like when it's all over? Your CDFA is there to help you determine what you need to move forward into a financially secure future.

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