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Making the Best Choice...

How Do I Choose?

So, you've decided to hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) to help you better prepare for achieving an equitable settlement on your divorce. You know that this is a strong financial decision, but how do you begin to select one with whom you feel comfortable sharing this very personal, very difficult time in your life?

Asking a trusted friend or colleague in your network for a recommendation is one way to start. Or, you can begin with an internet search. One reliable source of information is the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. Here, you can get a list of the CDFA's in your area, as well as suggestions for selection.

Once you compile a list of possibilities, it is essential that you interview them to see if there is a good "fit," asking questions about their knowledge as well as strategic partnerships that they may have with other professionals, such as accountants or divorce attorneys who can help you during this time. Most CDFA's will offer you a short consultation at no charge so that you can spend some time together discussing your situation generally to see if the analyst is a good match for you and your situation.

The team at MoneyWise Divorce takes a "whole-life" approach to divorce, realizing that as a major life transition that affects all parts of your life, it cannot be boiled down to just dollars and cents. Dr. Brenda, who spent over 10 years as a family counselor and has studied divorce and its far-reaching effects on families, takes time with each of her clients to help determine the path that is fair and equitable for all parties, enabling them to move forward with confidence in their financial situation.

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